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Our Brexit plans…

13 Aug Our Brexit plans…

UK Warehouse – Brighton

We are now importing Full Container Loads of Conventional Spirulina Powder.

Our first consignment arrives early September and subject to final confirmation, the pricing should be around £5.10 per kilo.

The Organic powder range currently includes the following…

Goji Berry
Spirulina Powder/Tablets
Chlorella Powder/Tablets
Brown Rice Protein
Pea Protein
Moringa Leaf
EU Wheat & Barley Grass
Whey Protein 80% Concentrate

EU Warehouse – Belgium

Ahead of 31st October, I’d just like to make you aware what we have planned to ensure a steady supply chain.

We now have a registered address for access to a warehouse in Belgium, so should you require stock for any EU production then we could help you. Plus if there are extensive delays at UK Ports we have the option to switch supply to Antwerp and then bring across the Channel. Having the registered Belgium address should speed up the clearance processes.

To start with, we intend to stock…

Organic Spirulina Powder/Tablets
Organic Chlorella Powder/Tablets
Conventional Spirulina Powder
Organic Moringa Leaf Powder

We can always add to this should you have an interest in other ingredients.

Should you have an interest in the above or other ingredients we could store on your behalf here in the UK or Belgium, then please remember us when you’re asking for quotes