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Black Garlic Powder

Black Garlic is the result of ageing your typical garlic cloves over an extended period of time. It is legitimately classed as a superfood due to its immense health and overall benefits. It comes in a range of different forms such as black garlic powder, black garlic cloves, black garlic cloves and black garlic paste. These can then be used in different recipes or they are also commonly used as black garlic supplements. 

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More About Black Garlic Powder

The process of creating black garlic is called the Maillard reaction and is of East Asian origin. The process involves taking fresh raw garlic and placing it in a low-heat and high-humidity environment over the course of several weeks or months. The unique colour and taste of black garlic come from the heat-producing key intermediate compounds during the process. 

Over the course of the process, the garlic cloves gently soften as they take on that distinctive black colour. They also begin to slowly caramelise over the process which helps to give the black garlic its wonderfully sweet taste. There are a huge number of black garlic recipes that utilise both the superfood’s wonderful taste and colour. The food is also amazing to consume due to its countless amount of phenomenal health benefits.

Black Garlic Benefits 

The main benefit of this phenomenal superfood is the incredible amount of antioxidants that it contains. The Maillard reaction process helps the black garlic to contain far more antioxidants than your typical raw garlic. Antioxidants are natural substances that help to fight dangerous free radicals in your body. Therefore they can help you avoid diseases and everyday illnesses. 

Another phenomenal health benefit of black garlic is the fact that it could help reduce the risk of heart disease. Studies that have been performed over time have shown that black garlic could potentially play a vital role in reducing indicators of heart disease. It can reduce markers such as triglycerides and bad cholesterol as well as increase cholesterol for individuals with lower levels. 

Not only can it help with heart health, but it can also help to protect brain health. Black garlic could help to reduce inflammation in the brain that commonly leads to memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease. Some studies have also shown that it has the potential to also increase short term memory in certain individuals. However, the science is still very new and not yet fully understood.