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EU Spinach Powder (Organic)

Our EU Approved Organic Spinach Powder comes from fresh spinach plants originating from Europe. These spinach plants are high in quality and purity, maximising their benefits for consumers. 

The Spinach Powder is manufactured when fresh Spinach leaves are dehydrated and ground into fine powder. This ensures all the nutrients and minerals of the Spinach is retained, resulting in a concentrated powder form of a Spinach. Contact us today to order our EU Organic Spinach Powder.

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More About EU Spinach Powder (Organic)

There are lots of benefits found in our Spinach Powder products. 

Like with normal spinach leaves, Spinach Powder is packed with nutritional benefits. Because this powder is a dehydrated form of spinach, you can achieve the same vitamins and minerals commonly found in spinach leaves. Spinach powders are rich in vitamins A, C and K, iron and calcium, making them ideal for healthy dishes. 

Another valuable benefit is helping reduce blood pressure, and improving heart conditions. Spinach are known to help regulate blood pressure due to the amount of potassium they contain. They are also rich in nitrates, which can help with complicated biochemical pathways in our bodies. 

They are a high-grade ingredient that can be convenient for regular use. Spinach can rot quickly, and with Spinach Powders, you can enjoy the benefits of spinach drinks and dishes with convenience. 

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