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EU Approved Organic

ngredients can only be classed as organic if it was grown in soil with zero prohibited substances applied for three years before harvest. Organic ingredients are the most natural raw ingredients on the market and therefore have a huge amount of amazing benefits. EU-approved organic guarantees that the ingredients adhere to the EU’s rules on organic produce. 

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EU-Approved Organic Wholesale Ingredients 

The EUs organic industry has grown exponentially in recent years. This is mainly due to the number of organic farmlands increasing year on year. Many people believe that it is incredibly important to make the change to a fully organic diet as it can have a plethora of benefits for an individual’s health but can also have a huge amount of benefits for the environment. 

Organic foods are not only becoming increasingly popular in the EU, but many other countries also have stringent specifications and certifications about their organic produce. It truly is growing in popularity throughout the world thanks to its proven positives for our bodies, animals and also the environment. 

We have a brilliant range of organic fruit and vegetable powders or extracts that can help you to implement organic foods into your diet with ease. Powders make them hugely practical and convenient for whole foods when it can be difficult to get all of your greens and nutrients into your diet. 

Organic Ingredients Benefits 

Organic produce is full of a huge amount of benefits that help them to stand out from non-organic produce. Organic fruit and vegetable growth is done without any use of synthetic pesticides or fertilisers. While these chemicals are not dangerous and are safe, organic produce takes all of the potential long-term health effects out of the equation leaving a far more natural product. 

Organic foods are also in some cases said to have more antioxidants. Certain studies in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry have shown that an onion grown organically contains 20% more antioxidants than an onion grown conventionally. Antioxidants are phenomenal for the body as they help your body to protect against dangerous free radicals. 

In addition to all of the phenomenal health benefits, organic produce is also far better for the environment. This is because organic farming uses no toxic chemicals that can have negative effects on wildlife and insects. It is also far more sustainable than conventional farming which uses chemicals and fertilisers as it has no negative repercussions on the environment at all.