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Red Sweet Cherry Powder (Organic)

The Red Sweet Cherry freeze-dried powder is produced from fresh cherries and these delightful tiny red orbs are high in nutrient value and best known as an excellent source of anthocyanin, a phenolic compound that gives cherries their characteristic flavor, deep red hue and remarkable nutritive power.

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More About Red Sweet Cherry Powder (Organic)

Anthocyanins help the body adapt and recover from increased physical activity and strenuous physical workouts. This potent phenol also assists in the prevention of muscle damage, loss of strength and pain related to physical exercise, making it an ideal supplement for athletes.

Anthocyanins also give cherries anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. These nutrition-packed fruits help promote healthy cell and joint function. Sweet cherries are also one of the rare food sources of melatonin which helps to promote sleep. They are a superior source of beta carotene, providing 25 times more beta carotene than blueberries. In addition, they also contain good amounts of Vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, folate, and fiber.

Ready to use in nutraceutical products, supplements, functional foods and beverages, Cherry freeze-dried powder can be used in smoothie blends, jams, jellies, ice-cream, sauces and juices as well as cooking, baking and confectioneries. Red Sweet Cherry Freeze Dried Powder is also used in the cosmetic and perfume industries due to its pleasant fragrance and color.