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Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract is a dietary supplement derivative of the seeds of grapes as the name suggests. Rich in antioxidants and minerals, grape seed extract is believed by many people to help deal with a wide range of health benefits.

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More About Grape Seed Extract

Many people believed there are numerous positive effects of grape seed extract and these people often claim grape seed extract to be good for the treatment of conditions like high cholesterol, poor blood circulation and more. Many of these health claims are yet to be backed up by science and are just the opinions of the many people who consume grape seed extract as a dietary supplement.

There is limited evidence to suggest that grape seed extract can help the body to heal wounds quicker with animal studies showing that mice treated with proanthocyanins extract healed from their wounds faster than those not treated. Researchers claim that “this is enough evidence to support that topical application of grape seed proanthocyanin extract represents a feasible and productive approach to support dermal wound healing”. This was found to be due to GSPE increasing the production of vascular endothelial growth factor, a compound that aids the wound healing process.

Many people claim including grape seed extract within your diet alongside proper levels of calcium intake can have a beneficial effect on bone formation and strength for the treatment of bone debility caused by low levels of calcium. Animal studies on mice have investigated the effects of calcium and proanthocyanidins on the bone structure of mice fed a low-calcium diet.

Further animal studies reveal that grape seed extract can be effective in helping to treat heart disease, with some experts also believing grape seed extract to have anticancer and cancer chemopreventive properties. A study found that grape seeds had properties that could help to reduce the severity of skin cancer while a study on hairless mice tested the ability of grape seed proanthocyanidins in slowing down the formation of skin tumours. The research concluded that “grape seed extracts could be useful in the attenuation of the adverse UV-induced health effects in human skin”.

The material Nutra supply is sourced from one supplier to ensure batch to batch consistency in its quality.

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