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D-Aspartic Acid

D aspartic acid is a non essential amino acid that helps with the regulation of testosterone synthesis within the body. It is said to help increase the release of a hormone in the brain that will in turn increase the testosterone production in the body.

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More About D-Aspartic Acid

As previously stated, a huge benefit of D aspartic acid is its ability to help with the release of hormones within the body. This will also increase the production of testosterone. For this reason, it is commonly used to help increase athletic performance as it can help reduce fatigue and the buildup of lactic acid.

Another benefit is its ability to help the body to absorb minerals. Minerals are extremely important to your body in order to help it stay healthy, so increasing the absorption within your body can have great benefits. The body uses minerals for so many vital jobs such as keeping your bones, muscles, brain and more working correctly.  

D aspartic acid can also have a positive effect on the circulation of oxygen within your red blood cells which means that it may help to increase the body’s capacity to build muscle while also improving exercise endurance.

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