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Green Coffee Bean Extract (50%)

Green coffee beans are simply unroasted coffee beans that have not yet been through the roasting process (Coffee beans are green until roasted where they then turn brown). Green coffee extract is a known food supplement and food product sourced from green coffee beans.

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More About Green Coffee Bean Extract (50%)

Many people believe green coffee bean extract to be great for helping aid weight loss and promoting human health. Green coffee beans (or raw coffee beans) have recently become a popular weight loss supplement for people looking to minimise their body weight gain. There are also studies that suggest that green coffee bean extract could have a number of health benefits, including helping to improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels within the human body. These health effects are thought to be due to green coffee beans high antioxidant content.

According to reviews, many researchers believe that chlorogenic acids and caffeine content found within green coffee beans are responsible for many of the health benefits people associate with green coffee beans. Many studies have shown that caffeine consumption can help to reduce body weight, body mass index (BMI) and even lower body fat, while Chlorogenic acid has been found to boost fat metabolism, lower cholesterol and is even thought to help patients with Type 2 diabetes by helping to regulate glucose and insulin levels.

Those who suffer from high blood pressure can also benefit from green coffee bean extract, as it is thought to also affect blood vessels, having a significant effect on heart health. A 2019 study found that taking more than 400mg of green coffee bean extract for 4 weeks could significantly reduce systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure in people with a risk of hypertension.

Much of the existing research is on rats, however, and more human studies are needed.

The natural products material Nutra supply is sourced from one supplier to ensure batch to batch consistency in its quality.

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