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Magnesium Chloride


Our genuine magnesium chloride is sourced from one of the deepest mines in Europe, 2.5 km beneath the earth’s surface.


It’s available as a powder, flakes or liquid and is a hydrous magnesium chloride mineral (formula MgCl2·6H2O).


This halide sea salt concentrate contains many macro and micro-elements vital for human health, in much higher concentrations than can be found in common sea or ocean salts.


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More About Magnesium Chloride

The main compound is magnesium chloride (up to 350 g/L), moreover, it contains about 70 other elements as impurities including…

Potassium, Sodium, Bromine, Boron, Calcium, Silicon, Molybdenum, Zinc, Iron and Copper.

The versatile mineral can be used within various formulations within Cosmetics and other Health, Beauty and Dietary supplements to provide the following benefits…

• General Health – 5 mg proves 96% of the daily recommended dose.
• Oral Hygiene – Mouthwash, Organic toothpaste.
• Muscles/Joints – Anti-inflammatory gel, for back, neck as well as for the reduction of cellulite.
• Hair – Magnesium oil aides hair re-growth and general scalp health.
• Spa -Magnesium flakes for bathing to promote muscle recovery and relaxation.

For further information on this ingredient, please contact  or telephone + 00 44 (0)1273 689689